Packing and Crating Services

Handle with Care

TOTAL Fine Arts provides various packing and crate styles allowing our clients to customize crate specifications for your needs. We are able to accommodate any museum or institution’s unique crate specifications.

Economy Packing and Crating
Soft Packing
One-way and Two-Way Crates
Open Slat
Crate Retrofits & Repairs
Ocean Container Packing
Museum Quality Travel Crates
Travel & Cavity Pack
Foamcore Cases
Travel Frames & Slot Crates
Brace Crates for Large Sculpture
Handy-Carry Courier Crates


Soft Packing – Our team of art handlers carry basic packing materials and are available to condition report and soft pack on site for local and GTA shipments.

Travel Frames – HTS Crates (designed primarily for travelling exhibitions which provide ease and simplicity of unpacking and repacking artworks).
Economy Crates (One-Way / Two-Way Crates) (focuses on efficiency of space and budget concerns).
Museum Quality Travel Crates (fully customized to museum requirements).

ISPM15 Compliant – Certified high quality wood our crates are built to meet international shipping regulations and our facility is inspected by the Government regularly.