Legacy Canoe

22 Sep

Legacy Canoe

The Legacy
Since times immemorial, the canoe has been an enduring symbol of the spirit, identity, skill, imagination and knowledge of the First Nations People.

The People and the Purpose
On the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, the Broad Reach Foundation, supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage, developed and executed Project Coastline.  The project engaged youth in the discovery of our marine heritage while celebrating a spirit of recognition and appreciation of the First Nations.

By engaging their hands, hearts and minds, the construction of the Legacy Canoe allowed the youth to discover how much value a canoe truly represents – in terms of the skill, ingenuity, and sense of practical and spiritual beauty which the First Nations demonstrated, every time a canoe was launch on Canada’s rivers and lakes. In that process, an essential part of our heritage was brought to life, as a symbol that brings cultures together in the present, just as it did in the past.

The Blessing
Upon completion, the Legacy Canoe was blessed by Whabagoon Flower Blooming in Spring Patti Phipps Walker, an Ojibway Elder. Over 100 youth shared in this ceremony. The second celebratory ceremony took place at the National Yacht Club in Toronto, where the Legacy Canoe was launched on Sunday, June 25th, 2017.

The Broad Reach Foundation of Youth Leaders
The Legacy Canoe is a creation of the Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders, a Canadian registered charity, assisting youth with skills and knowledge development through the sport, science and experience of sailing.

The Future
The Legacy Canoe is now cherished by the Pustai family of TOTAL Transportation Solutions Inc. The family values the story and the provenance of the Legacy Canoe as a precious way of life on the water, of art and of integrated communities and all relations.