8 Jun

Moving Henry Moore’s Two Large Forms

The team at TOTAL took great pride in being named the mover/rigger of choice by the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario, to relocate Two Large Forms by Henry Moore. These two iconic pieces have anchored the corner of Dundas Street West at McCaul Street for the AGO since 1974. On June 3, 2017, with extra care and planning, TOTAL moved these two pieces to their new home within Grange Park. The TOTAL fine arts team working in parallel with the TOTAL rigging team on a beautiful sunny day. We can not wait to see this stunning park when it is fully open to the public.


Each form was hoisted from its prior resting position by crane and secured safely to custom trailers designed specifically for this move. These trailers were towed cautiously from the corner of Dundas St., W., and McCaul St. moving west across Dundas to Beverley St. and then south to the Grange Park entrance.

The crane was moved into the park first on protective plywood. Then each trailer was backed in one at a time so each piece could be carefully lifted and lowered into their new home.


11 Apr